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Falcons-Giants (My Thoughts)


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After watching the game again I think the defense played much, much better than the numbers would lead you to believe. I know I’ve seen lots of negative posts about the Falcons having another 3rd quarter meltdown against the Giants but I don’t believe that is the case. Here’s just some random thoughts I had from the game.

Falcons opening possession, first play of the game could have been a big play but Jacob Tamme missed his block and Julio was tackled after only a 2-yard gain. The next play was a short crossing route by Roddy but he was covered tightly by Prince Amukamara. A bad decision by Ryan, there was no way for Roddy to make the catch there. It was only a 3-man route, Julio, Tamme and Roddy, and they were all 3 well covered. Ryan had nowhere to go with the ball which is why he tried to fit it in to Roddy.

The drive actually was pretty good and moving the ball effectively but then bam, a couple bad plays and the drive is over. Falcons had 1st and 10 from the Giants 48. They faked it to Coleman with Matt bootlegging out the back door. The Giants brought a corner blitz and Tamme, who had been lined up on the opposite side of the formation fell down trying to get out and chip the blitzing corner. As a result it ended up being an incomplete pass. Had Tamme not fell he would have been able to catch the ball and pick up a good chunk of yards.

Two plays later the Falcons had 3rd and 6 from the Giants 44. Ryan had Freeman wide open in the flat for what would have been a first down but Ryan’s pass was deflected at the LOS and fell to the ground just short of getting to Freeman. Just a good play there by Robert Ayers to get his hand up in the passing lane. Had Freeman been able to make the catch it would have been at least a 1st down and who knows what else? Overall it was a good drive in my opinion. Even though they didn’t get any points they ran 11 plays and gained 40 yards and held the ball for 5:32. They moved from their own 16 to the Giants 44.

More to come later.

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Giants opening drive. The first play when the Giants had 1st and 10 from the 20. It was a running play where it appeared that it was Adrian Clayborn (think it was him, was hard to tell without having the All-22 film) was doubled and driven back opening up a huge hole for the Giants to pick up 6 on the ground. 2nd down and 4 from their own 26. Eli completes the pass to Beckham for the 1st down. Good coverage by Alford, I mean he was all over him, Eli just put it in a perfect spot. Can’t blame Alford there, just a good throw and catch. Give credit to the Giants.

Next series of downs started at the Giants 34. Draw play on 1st down picked up 5. Good play by the Giants to use the Falcons aggressiveness against them there. 2nd down from the 38 and it was a run that was complete blown up by Jonathan Babineaux. Great play by Babs there. 3rd down and 9 and Beckham picks up just enough to get the first down. Alford was giving him too much cushion and Beckham too advantage of it. Simple curl route for the 1st down.

The next series of downs started by the Giants and Falcons exchanging pre-snap 5-yard penalties. Ultimately the Giants ended up with 1st and 10 at their own 44. The Giants ran the ball to the outside and the Falcons did a nice job of stringing it to the outside and forcing a 2-yard loss. 2nd and 12 from the Giants 42 and it was a short dump off to Shane Vereen who then slipped down before being touched down by Justin Durant. I think Durant would have made the tackle even had Vereen stayed on his feet. Play gained just 2 yards. Giants then faced 3rd and 11 from their own 44. Incomplete pass to Jerome Cunningham. Even had Cunningham caught it he wasn’t getting the 1st down because he was sandwiched by William Moore and Paul Worrilow. Good defense there to get off the field.

It ended up being a good defensive series by the Falcons defense. The Giants ran 8 plays but gained just 19 yards and had the ball for 4:35.

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This Falcons drive was an absolute thing of beauty. It was nearly perfect and of course resulted in a TD. The Falcons started at their own 14 and drove 86 yards on 13 plays for the touchdown in just 4:19. 1st and 10 and the Falcons did a play fake to Coleman and had Toilolo lined up on the right side of the formation and slip out behind the LOS to the left side of the field. It was similar to the play on the 1st drive where they had Tamme would have had a big play had he not fallen down. This time Toilolo was able to get over in time to chip on the free rusher but wasn’t able to get back on his feet in time to make the catch. Had he done a better job of chipping the rusher then Matt would have had the split second longer he needed to allow Toilolo to get back to his feet to make the catch. There was plenty of green there.

2nd and 10 from the 14. Toss sweep to Coleman and while the blocking got strung out a little bit and didn’t get much movement, Coleman’s playmaking ability allowed him to make some guys miss and turn the corner and nearly pick up the 1st down. That’s a play that Devonte Freeman would not have been able to make yards on because he doesn’t have the moves or burst needed to make those guys miss and still get around the edge and turn it up field. Not having Coleman will really hurt.

3rd and 1 from the 23. This was a misdirection run. Roddy and Julio were lined up to the left, Toilolo on the right end of the line, DiMarco blocked to the right. Roddy ran a streak down the field to take his man with him while Julio, who was the inside receiver, basically just stood there. It’s disappointed to notice Julio take a play off but that’s exactly what he did here. He didn’t run to take his man with him nor did he block him, and it was his man that ended up making the tackle on Coleman, but after Coleman had picked up the 1st down. Had Julio actually blocked his man there coupled with Coleman’s speed he had the chance to get outside the unblocked safety and wide side linebacker and get a ton of yards. But we’ll never know.

1st and 10 from the 29. It looked like a run all the way, the Giants loaded up the box to stop it and Matt just stood up and quick threw it out to Julio, whose man came on a corner blitz, and Julio did the rest to pick up 12 yards and another 1st down. The next play was an absolute thing of beauty. The Falcons lined up on 1st down at the 41. Ryan faked it to Freeman going left while the DiMarco ran straight down the middle of the field against the linebacker and Ryan got to to DiMarco who made an outstanding catch. The throw was a little behind Patrick but he was able to turn back around and make the tough catch. That play picked up 19 and happened very quickly. Giants didn’t know what hit them on that play.

1st and 10 from the Giants 40. Quick swing pass out to Julio, who got a key block from DiMarco, and Julio did the rest to pick up 13 yards and another 1st down. It’s the exact same play they ran to start the game where Tamme was lined up wide and missed the block. This time it was DiMarco lined up wide and he got his block to allow Julio the room he needed to make the play happen. This was the final play of what ended up being 4 straight plays that gained a 1st down. Very impressive and it shows what the offense is truly capable of when it’s running on all clinders.

1st and 10 from the Giants 27. This time the Falcons tried the swing pass out to the left to Hankerson who dropped it. It would have been another big play and 1st down because Roddy and Nick Williams both had great blocks on the play. 2nd and 10 from the 27. Ryan was under pressure and just had to get rid of it and the closest man to it was Hankerson in the middle of the field. The incomplete pass set up 3rd and 10 from the 27 and the Falcons come up with another big play. Ryan did a nice job of stepping up in the pocket to the open space to his right and on the move threw a laser to Tamme who made the catch for 13 yards and take it to the 14.

1st and 10 from the Giants 14. Shotgun handoff to Coleman on a draw type play that gained just 2 yards. That’s a play that had Coleman probably shown a little more patience on and really pressed the run to the outside like he was supposed to he could have picked up a good gain. It appeared like there was a running lane but Coleman cutback too soon and was stopped for just a gain of 2. 2nd down and 8 from the Giants 12. Swing pass to Coleman out of the backfield and Ryan had to try to dump it over the unblocked rusher’s head, who came on a corner blitz. Just a mistiming issue there between Ryan and Coleman. I think he thought Coleman would flatten out his route more than he did, had he done that he would have been able to make the catch. He still nearly made the catch anyway. That is probably a product of the time Coleman missed with his hamstring injury in that they couldn’t practice that play very much. Even if Coleman makes the catch I don’t think they would have had much on that play. Giants had a guy out there ready to make the tackle.

3rd and 8 from the 12. This play was another clutch 3rd down play. This was the throw to Hankerson which was originally called a touchdown and then changed to down inside the one. Hankerson lined up in the slot with Julio out wide. Julio can an in route while Hankerson ran a post type route, when Julio made is cut the linebacker jumped him which left Hankerson open. Good play design there. Toss sweep to Coleman to the left who just walked in for the TD with good blocking. Overall it was an outstanding drive by the Falcons.

Ok. That's all for tonight. More to come tomorrow. Thanks for reading.

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That’s a play that Devonte Freeman would not have been able to make yards on because he doesn’t have the moves or burst needed to make those guys miss and still get around the edge and turn it up field.

I'm not so sure about that. I think Devonta may surprise you. He just needs enough carries to get in the flow.

I guess we'll find out.

Great post, btw.

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The Thing that bothers be is when you watch the media talk about that game the don't give credit to the falcons for coming back making play when they need to win all they say is "the giant beat themselves" crap like did they play against themselves? Wtf when you look at the game all you seeks pressure on manning when he makes poor throws and they still act like he just missed an easy pass.if anything falcons almost let them win with bad tackling and poor angles.

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I've watched this game four times now, once focusing solely on all of the defensive series. And in all honesty, I don't think we won the game as much as the Giants lost it. Eli was horribly off the second half, and on that Biermann sack, he had a guy sitting wide, and I mean, WIDE open in the middle of the end zone.

In the end, we are 2-0, so I won't complain. But these games are eerily familiar to games I've seen the past seven years. Hopefully we can put together a string of some dominant wins. That's what I really want to see, is a dominant game, especially on D.

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