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Coleman Out Indefinitely?


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Guest facelessman07

Lmao who's dled... Trust me I have never heard of the guy lol

Where do you get all your snazzy bowties and top hats from?

My wardrobe needs a makeover

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wiktionary describes indefinitely as for a long time, no end defined... which could fit but it also goes on and says "forever" which is how i take the word Indefinitely as well...some thing that is indefinite goes on and on and on with no true end in sight. so just reading that one sentence i can see how the question arises. the writer does go on to say he could miss 2 - 3 weeks...... poor use of wordage from a reporter IMO

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Silly, Quinn said he'd practice Friday and be evaluated for the game. I suspect he will be out but that fact Quinn said he would even be evaluated to play means this is a week to week injury and not something serious. Realistically he will probably be out 2 weeks and come back.

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