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A Good Omen For The Falcons - Cowboys Game?

Falcon Freddie

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On Sunday evening, September 27, there will be a "Supermoon" total lunar eclipse. As we know, that is also the day of the Atlanta Falcons at Dallas Cowboys game. Have the heavens itself foretold the eclipse of the Cowboys?

A "Supermoon" is when the full moon is closest to Earth in its orbit and therefore appears about 14% larger than a normal full moon. This is the first time in 32 years that a total lunar eclipse coincides with a "Supermoon"; it will not occur again for another 18 years. Partial eclipse begins at 9:07pm EDT. Totality of the eclipse will occur at 10:11pm EDT (9:11pm CDT in Texas). Totality will last for 1 hour 12 minutes.

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I kind of hate that the cowboys players are hurt . Wish we had them at full strength

I don't think I'll ever share this mentality with you NateDogg.

The win doesn't count any more or less, it just makes it more likely that we will win. The only people it will matter to are the media and just like with the Eagles and Giants, if we win, they will talk more about how the other team blew it than how well we did.

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