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One Thing To Be Happy About...


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This the first time in a very long time that we've beat a non-divisional opponent in an away game. And when you consider that historically MetLife Stadium has had the Smitty-era Falcons' number, Dan Quinn is off to a good start in rectifying Atlanta's woes.

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I will not say a negative thing about Kory anymore this year as long as our coaches don't try to make him cover a speed back on passing routes anymore... let him play the LEO spot as a rotational guy and special team player where he fits best... Covering anybody with him didn't work last year and sure didn't work in Game 1

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I'm happy about a lot more than one thing.

Another thing to think about is that we haven't played all that cohesive or mistake free. I am assuming that our best football is ahead of us. We will get better, clean up some of the mistakes and penalties (I really hope), and really ball out. I'm more optimistic now than after the preseason Ill say that.

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