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What Does Dan Quinn See In Kroy Bierman?


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Just think, Kroy Biermann was the first player to register a sack for the Atlanta Falcons this season. smile.png

You know there are at least a few that wish it would have been anybody but Kroy. I'd bet a dollar to doughnuts that some would rather Eli had scored, than give Biermann credit. they would never admit it. The hate runs too deep in this place for me not to believe thatcool.png

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Their has never been any reason to HATE Kroy, he is not the world beater or a huge sack master but he has always been good on St's and tried pretty hard. He was a 5th rd pick in 2008 and isn't a cap burden. So WTF is this boards problem with him?

Dude you and I see eye to eye a lot. I've never understood the hate for the Beer Man on this board. Easily one of the highest motor guys we have and has made tons of plays for us over the years. It's just bizarre. Kroy has become the new Brooking.

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