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I Can't Figure Out How To Contact An Administrator, Sorry


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I don't like my current very-dated-and-not-nice signature but as happens on some bulletin boards for reasons I do not know I cannot delete it.

I request than anyone with admin privileges here delete it on my behalf and then delete this post.

I tried emailing but there is no listing for admin, the guy who posted the rules doesn't take emails, and the contact-us us thing below took me to the direct Atlanta Falcons website, not the board admins, and this is kind of a small request for the GM to have cross his desk, you know?

Thank you in advance.


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I found an admin account in welcome new members where the email went through but I can't edit the post above either, it seems to be not specific to the sig, so suffice to say I'll post very sparingly, not being able to edit means always having to say you're sorry, heh.

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