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Clemson At Louisville Game Thread


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Until Strong left I would have argued with you. But when he left and they dogged him saying he lied too them and then welcomed back Bobby Petrino with open arms I have lost all respect for them as a base.

Pretty much!

I really hope Strong can turn Texas around. The landscape in this state has changed so much with A&M joining the SEC, it's ridiculous. Not necessarily because I like Texas, but because I like Strong.

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Reading that thread just shows you what a fraud that guy is as a DC. The same exact things were said when he was at UGA. Pruitt comes in, the only excuse is inexperience with so many freshmen playing... and they got better. A lot better. To the point we didn't even mention inexperience anymore because it wasn't a factor.

So glad to have Pruitt. Grantham is a turd.

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