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Td Was At Uga Looking At Lbs Today


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How do you think Quinn would feature Jenkins and Floyd? I don't think we have a chance at Floyd, but you never know.

Floyd would probably be used like KJ Wright, at WLB as a future replacement for Durant (who is 30 years old and injury prone). But he's so versatile that he could also play some like Schofield, as a nickel edge rusher.

Jenkins would be more like Schofield - a nickel pass rusher, occassional SLB, and occassional LEO.

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Which are only 2 of a plethora of measurables. When he puts up a single season sack record like Houston, then he will be comparable in production.

don't forget that Houston is primarily a pass rushing olb. Jenkins plays clean up. He can play the Sam and Mike. He can also play DE. I can see them converting him to a DE similar to Javon Kearse.
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Waasy to early for these mocks to mean anything, but just to get an idea of the talent coming.


CBS has Floyd going 18th overall. And no Jenkins in the first.


BR has Floyd at 19, and Jenkins not in the first.

Sports Xchange


Sports Xchange has Floyd going at 22.

All the sites consistently have him going after Joey Bosa, Jaylon Smith, Myles Jack and Nkemdiche (Although Nkemdiche is a different brand of player from the other 3.)

And there are a bunch of good OTs coming and QBs worth consideration..... A small slide may be possible. If we're not drafting in the late teens, trading up for him with a "Trufant-type" package would certainly be worth our while.

Another offseason of bargain-hunting scheme fit vets may allow us to sacrifice a pick in the name of a unique talent at a definite need.

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That's right, I remember hearing that Saturday. I wonder where he will go in the draft, but I doubt he will fall far.

I'll take one for the team fellas. I'm from his hometown. I can sabotage him to make him fall int he draft, but only if I'm assured Atlanta drafts him lol I kid I kid

It would be cool for a Dodge kid to not only play for UGA but also the Dirty Birds

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Jordan Jenkins could take Scho place if Scho leaves after the season

We need Scho to stick around, as long as he doesn't try to break the bank. We have a sizeable amount of cap space. I was looking earlier and just doing some napkin math it looks like we'll have around $28M in space, before cutting Asamoah which is almost guaranteed to happen. That would save us a little over another $1M. Some other moves like Hester or Jackson could push that number even higher. Even if we add someone like Bruce Irvin, we could still find a use for a guy like Schofield as a situational rusher if nothing else. Can never have too many of those guys.

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