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Falcons Better Be Running Sprints Everyday This Week!(Don't Be Like Mcnabb)


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Falcons 2nd half conditioning looked bad,

even Gruden,

mentioned the hands on hips(a couple of times) and how out of shape this D was in the 2nd.

I know the eagles run the clock fast, but we might play them again.

Our D doesn't have the talent to---> skip conditioning.

Falcons should strive to be the most conditioned team in the NFL if you ever want to bring a ring home to ATL.

Don't be like McNabb,

in the biggest game of your life in the 4th quarter,

TO looks over at you and you are blowing chucks when he wants to score a TD!


Congrats on the win,

either the D starts running sprints, everyday

or get a DR to start passing out some secret undetected roids.

About two ago,

There was news of a South American berry some researchers say helps with conditioning.

Maybe y'all could look into that.

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It was the first game of the season. With the way they limit contact, practice times and two-a-days now no team is fully game ready at the start of the season. And Philly is the most extreme version of an offense designed to gas a defense. There will be a lot of defenses that look worse than we did this year. I don't think we have the same problem (at least not as bad) if we see them in the playoffs.

I think week one is a tough time to face them. We were very fortunate to come away with a W, no matter how sloppy.

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I have a suggestion: Spend as long as you'd like getting in the best shape possible. Go ahead and dope if you want. . . .

Now find a blocking sled and see how far you can move it in 6 seconds, MAXIMAL effort.

Now you have 20 seconds to jog 20 yards, rest as long as you have, and hit the sled again.

Repeat 5 times, 10 times . . .15 times.

If you can move the sled half as far on the 10 attempt, then you have a point about the Falcons . . .

MY point is that the blur offense is designed to induce fatigue regardless against any opponent, even one that is peak condition.

As I said in another thread, don't run extra wind sprints, call a freakin' timeout!!!

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As Falcons fans we have seen the 2nd half collapse too many times to count. I do think this years D has improved but they expended too much energy early in the game. I think they were jacked up with adrenaline anxious to prove they could hang with Philly's offense. Hopefully things will settle down as the season progresses.

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