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Pff Grades Are In Already.


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If all you're going to do is post about how much you blindly hate PFF because of their grades not agreeing with what you think you see, kindly just move on to another thread, please. I'm posting this for the people that actually want to see it and I know there are at least a few of them in here. Thanks.

That being said, here are the grades from the Philly game:





Special Teams:


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Personal observations:

Legitimately surprised by how low Durant, Schofield and Clayborn's grades ended up being. I guess it just comes down to them making splash plays but not consistently playing well, and I just wasn't watching them individually on their worse snaps & didn't notice.

Great to see Chester stepping in and playing well immediately. Levitre & Person are a bit of a concern, but at least they're pass blocking well.

11 total pressures is nice to see. Would be nicer to see if Philly didn't throw almost 50 times. Sub-25% pressure rate is meh.

That said though, Beasley is the only guy on our defense with a positive pass rush grade. Pretty cool to see.

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I'm guessing it has a lot to do with Coleman running into bodies and going down too easily while Freeman made better decisions and broke more tackles. Looking forward to the write-up.

Coleman looked way better tonight, made a lot of positive runs out of poor blocking up front. I do think Freeman is a better back than he showed tonight

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First of all, thank you for posting.

I pretty much agree with most of the grades. I think that Schofield played better than rated, but I won't argue the point.

Bierman, with the exception of his stellar ST near-block of the field goal, was garbage.

Moore had a good game, but his habit of leading with his helmet is rookie-grade. He misses tackles too often for a SS, and his technique is going to attract penalties.

Levitre deserves a break. He looks like the weak link on the line, but I suspect that he will improve with some playing and practice time.

Chester did a good job but the two guys next to him (Schraeder and Person) need to get their run blocking squared away.

I am shocked to agree with Durant's scores. Durant looked confused and inexperienced. What happened?

Matt Ryan did not look good. He made some very good calls at the line, but he gacked a few passes. I think that he will clean his act up, but his score for last night is justified.

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i'll watch the all-22 tomorrow or Wednesday but I'm almost positive that's pretty backwards analysis.

i was about to post the same thing. It was Coleman who showed better vision and ran threw tackles to fall forward for positive yards, 20 carries for 80 yards vs 10 carries for 18 yards - it would take a LOT of analysis to convince me that those stats and what i saw live from the Dome are wrong.

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And yall were panicking about the OL remember...

Yall blew that Dolphins game WAY out of proportion and ignored the facts. There is no Polumbus or Stone out there now. I don't think Andy looked that bad, but whatever.

Also, Schofield definitely had 3 QB hits. They showed them during half time.

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Gave Freeman a .2 in rushing and Coleman a -.6? Wonder what they saw?

I know Kayoh didn't want PFF complaining in here... but this is why I can't take PFF seriously. I DO like seeing the grades and at times it is very telling (nice seeing our OL grade out pretty OK) ... but it is clear as day that some rankings are bogus.

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A couple points:

Is anyone else happy to see Worrilow with a positive pass coverage grade?

Oline-wise I think I agree with it. On runs it did seem that the LG and C were the problem areas but going against Fletcher Cox is a challenge.

Everything else I agree with. I thought Coleman looked good but I think he left some yards on the field. A lot of that has to do with being the 1st game with this Oline and him being a rookie but I liked him

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Person is still learning the C position.

In a scheme predicated around communication and teamwork, Levitre played after only 4 practices.

Chester was solid.

Matthews was ok, but needs to improve.

Schraeder's main contribution last night was providing even more impetus to sign Jake Long.

With or without Long, I said all along that there would be struggles, and that it would take all or most of this season for the line to gel and become a truly effective unit.

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