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I Know Why Bierman Is Still On Our Roster

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I found this from another thread. It shows who missed, and Biermann only had 1 MT. Funny thing is, even though he had a bad grade KB still graded out better than Willy Mo. LOL


That's because Willy always has high missed tackle numbers - Quinn knows this and has been actively working with him on this
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Special Teams. The dude is pretty good at special teams. Old regime valued him for that, and Quinn obviously does too. He brought great pressure on that missed FG. That being said on defense, he is a below average rotational player at best. That missed Murray tackle was disgusting. But gotta give credit where credit is due.

-Someone who really doesn't like Kroy, but acknowledges that he helped us win the game.

might have been said already but he's on the team 'cause Shembo got released IMHO. if not for that i think Bierman is gone...

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That's because Willy always has high missed tackle numbers - Quinn knows this and has been actively working with him on this

Willy only missed the one. I just find the Biermann hate kinda funny now a days. If you go by PFF, technically KB had a better night than Willy and Durant, but some just don't want to see it, and make **** up about him now just to rant.

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Well there's your problem.

I'm not big on PFF but for the sake of what is being said I was using it more as a reference. My point is more that anything that points negatively at Biermann is considered reputable. However if the same source speaks negatively about payers that are liked it gets ignored. People can hate all they want but the cherry picking double standards used to evaluate one vs the other hold no credibility.

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I think it is odd that the Eagles O-Line gave Bierman credit for playing a big role in the 3rd and 1 stop. Who are they trying to fool. We all know he is a gross liability!

Relax...but I had to poke some fun at the haters. I can't wait till we get an upgrade. However, as long as Starr and Maponga are the alternatives, he will survive.


"In the preparation, we didn't think [Worrilow] was going to flow that fast," center Jason Kelce said. "We should've known, because they did that on the goal-line play. "What we were trying to do is get a double-team on the nose, who crossed my face, with the back-side guard . If we had to do it again, I'd probably just go straight up to the 'backer and get him blocked, because, as long as we got a body on a body, we should be able to pick up a yard."

Kelce said linebacker Kroy Biermann kept him from getting out on Worrilow. "Those slants by the front-side end weren't as severe on film," Kelce said. "And the nose guard slanting across my face wasn't as severe. [The Falcons] play up front a little differently than we've seen . . . They're much more of a penetrating defensive line, not reading. I think that threw us off, especially in the first half, with a lot of the run calls."

Gardner agreed.

"I don't think we made the adjustment to what they were doing quickly enough," he said.

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