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Official Falcons Vs Eagles Game Thread


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Im under no illusion we will be the top d in the league or that we even win this game. But Tom, c'mon man! Basically said we are trash and have no chance. That anything Chip Kelly calls tonight will work bc we suck.

Reminds me of that great Warren Sapp prediction taking KC against us a few years ago, saying we wouldn't even score.....How'd that turn out again?

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They are talking about Bradford like hes the second coming of Joe Montana

I'm with you them the media have fallen hook line and sinker has bought into the Kelly offense and think Joe Smoo is going to be a star in the mentioned.

Sam Bradford has done nothing in how long but as you mentioned it as if they have him crowned man it confuses the F**K out of me.

After 1 good pre-season at that good lord.

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