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Eagles Vs. Falcons 2015: Game Predictions


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"Eagles vs. Falcons 2015: Game Predictions

By Brandon Lee Gowton @BrandonGowton on Sep 14, 2015

It's Eagles-Falcons game day. Who are you taking to win?

Philadelphia Eagles football is finally back. For real this time. The Eagles are set to play the first game of their 2015 NFL regular season schedule tonight against the Atlanta Falcons on Monday Night Football. It's been a long and crazy offseason for Philadelphia. Chip Kelly made a lot of significant changes to the team's roster. Now it's up to the Eagles to prove the right moves were made.

The very early returns on Kelly's moves seem to be good. The Eagles absolutely dominated the preseason, outscoring opponents in the first half of the first three games by a score of 83-17. Sam Bradford looked especially good this summer. Expectations for the Eagles are high. A lot of national pundits have picked the Eagles as their team to win Super Bowl 50 this season. But all of this hype will mean nothing if the Eagles don't back it up.

The Eagles have their first chance to prove themselves tonight. They're on the road in the Georgia Dome. Atlanta won't have their illegal crowd noise, but they will have Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. Philadelphia's new-look secondary, which the team is apparently confident in, will be tested. Byron Maxwell will likely be responsible for handling Jones most of the time, but he might not shadow him all over the field.

The Falcons will also be tested by the Eagles. Atlanta's offensive line is a major area of concern. The Falcons have a new center and rejects from Washington and Tennessee starting at each guard position. To give one an idea of how desperate the team is for offensive line help, the Falcons recently worked out Jake Long. Meanwhile, the Eagles finished second overall in sacks last season. Philadelphia's front seven figures to be strong once again and they could be too much for the Falcons to handle.

Philadelphia's offense certainly looks different with Nick Foles and LeSean McCoy gone, but their replacements have looked good. Bradford is most talented quarterback Kelly has ever had with the Eagles. It'll be interesting to see Bradford fares in his first full regular season game since 2013. The Falcons' pass rush isn't good, but they'll likely try to test him as much as they can. If the Falcons aren't able to get home ... look out. The Falcons' defense ranked dead last in the NFL last year by Football Outsiders and Bradford might carve up this Atlanta secondary. The ground attack of Murray and Ryan Mathews will also be formidable.

Overall, the Eagles are the better team on paper. They have the talent and coaching to get this done. Their offense should be able to move the ball and score on this Falcons defense. The Eagles defense should be able to get pressure on Ryan. Now they just have to prove it.

My predictions:

Score prediction: 34-20, Eagles win.
Bold prediction: Sam Bradford throws four touchdown passes."


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Another article from the same Eagles writer:

Falcons vs. Eagles 2015: 5 players to watch in Philadelphia's season opener

By Brandon Lee Gowton @BrandonGowton on Sep 14, 2015,

Here's what to watch for.

The Philadelphia Eagles are scheduled to play a real football game tonight. Exciting! The Eagles are in Atlanta to take on the Falcons. Here are the five players who deserve extra attention in this matchup.

1) Sam Bradford

There's nowhere else to start but here. All eyes will be on No. 7 tonight. Bradford has looked great this summer. He looked excellent during training camp practices before then flashing positive signs in the preseason. Now it's up to Bradford to prove he can be successful in a larger sample size. This will be the first full game he's set to play since 2013. Atlanta, like most teams, will probably try to send extra rushers at Bradford in order to see how he can handle the pressure after being away from the game for so long. It's up to Bradford to really take advantage of this seemingly weak Atlanta defense and get the job done.

2) Byron Maxwell

It doesn't appear Maxwell will shadow Julio Jones all over the field, but one would expect Maxwell to be covering the talented wide receiver more often than not. Maxwell has looked like the real deal this summer. He doesn't get beat deep and he makes plays on the ball. Maxwell doesn't even need to completely shut down Jones; he just needs to keep him in check and prevent him from busting the game open.

3) Kiko Alonso

After missing most of the preseason while recovering from a concussion, Alonso made his Eagles debut against the New York Jets' backups in the fourth preseason game. He looked good in the few snaps he played. Now Alonso will be making his real debut. It will be interesting to see how the Eagles use Alonso along with DeMeco Ryans and Mychal Kendricks. The team hasn't given any hints about how they will rotate their inside linebackers.

4) Josh Huff

Huff was nearly invisible in preseason despite having a good training camp. He wasn't targeted often in the first two exhibition games and he didn't play in the third game due to the death of his god brother. Huff really struggled as a rookie but did show some flashes of legitimate talent. Much like the inside linebacker rotation, the Eagles' wide receiver rotation isn't currently known. Huff stepping up would be ideal because that might mean less reliance on Riley Cooper moving forward.

5) Brandon Graham

I can't help but imagine Graham is looking at this Falcons offensive line and salivating. Graham will be lining up across from Jake Matthews, who struggled last year as a rookie and recently received an injection to help his bad back. This is the first time ever since Graham has entered the season as a full-time starter in the NFL and you can bet he's really excited about that. Look for Graham to put the pressure on Matt Ryan early and often. Graham's pass rush could go a long way towards mitigating the threat of Julio Jones.

Small bleedinggreennation.com.minimal


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At least for tonight I'm going to be positive and predict the following

1. The OL does well despite the shuffling, in a miracle our OL actually shows talent and gives Ryan time

2. Ryan with time cuts up the Eagles defense

3. Ryan with time allows our running game as well which further slices up the Eagles defense

4. Our defense is now hard to scheme for since we rely more on player speed and instincts than schemes and their is no real tape on us in gameplay mode

5. Defense is able to get pressure, Vic and Clayborn tee off on Bradford shell shocking him

Basically in a dream scenario everything comes together and we stomp the Eagles.


I do not know how this team will look in a real game, pre season showed some promises especially for Defense so as a fan at least for the first game I'm going to hope for the best and think thinks are going to work out.

The thing is the Eagles don;t know how this team will look either which should give us an advantage.

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I'll be a homer and say

Falcons 27

Eagles 24

Or so. I think Julio is too much for a secondary that was pretty bad last year. I'm not convinced Byron Maxwell is the answer there.

So long as the OL doesnt play like it did in the Miami game, I think we've got a good look at it.

Did you not see the sign?


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The Eagles are definitely the better team on paper, but our D looked pretty good this preseason WITHOUT Trufant. I'm really excited how Tru looks with the new pass rush. Maybe we make Bradford make a few bad decisions and Tru capitalizes on it. Maybe Tru contributes to a few coverage sacks. A guy can dream.

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I'm not optimistic, but I don't know why. Maybe it is because Bradford lit us up a couple of years ago? Maybe it is because we have offensive line starters who were not on the roster during preseason (if my cup was half full this would be a reason for hope). Maybe it is because the Eagles looked scary in preseason week 3 while we looked scared (or is that scarred?).

Here are the potential facts I'm not yet prepared to believe.

  • We will record multiple sacks.
  • Our backs, combined, will notch 100 receiving yards when Shanny takes the wraps off his offense.
  • Our defense is likely to create almost as many good plays as they give up. Their will be multiple negative plays for the Eagles.
  • Julio is a problem for defenses. Yes, even if he is triple covered and Ryan is sprinting away from the LOS at the snap and lobbing the ball backwards over his head in Julio's general direction.
  • Our special teams can match theirs...even with our Hester tied behind our backs.

So, if I was forced to bet, I'd have to take the Eagles simply because I have seen that offense play good...unlike ours. However, I honestly can see a path to victory. This game is not over before it starts. I think both teams are going to play a little more defense than the experts anticipate. Our OL is a real problem, but our front 7 will create some problems for the Eagles here and there. I know the world says "over 53." I'm sorta liking the under...

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