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Number 11 - Unspoken Repect


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When I was a kid, there were a bunch of players who wore #32. My Pops told me they did it because Jimmy Brown was a dog and that was his number with the Browns. Since then, every basketball team has a #23 (Michael Jordan's number, which was his way to show his big brother respect by taking a number that was half of his number, #45) and every team in football has a cornerback who wears #21 (for obvious reasons).

Is it just me, or does it seem like every NFL team now has a receiver wearing #11? I'm not saying that nobody did before Julio, by I'll bet nobody can tell me who without Googling to find out. Respect!

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And tomorrow, it all begins. I'm giddy with the heady rush of excitement, y'all. And the more things change the more they will always be the same. Consider:

Ryan throws an 8-yard pass to Freeman for 2nd and 2. TATF will see:

Poster 1: Julio was open

Poster 2: Good play

Poster 3: Coleman would've scored

Poster 4: Noodle arm

Poster 5: Why isn't Stone playing center?

Poster 6: Hope we don't try to run for the first down

Poster 7: I need to start a thread about that play

Poster 8: I need to start a thread about that play

Poster 9: /troffed

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Hope you're all ready for some football.

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