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I Begged For Tyler Lockett


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He was drafted in the third. RB was a greater need than WR/PR. There was not legit Lockett vs Hardy choice to be made.

Also he has tiny hands at 8 3/8ths. Hardy's are 10 inches.


Lockett has sticky fingers though. I wouldnt discredit his hands. He's just a baller. Again, i actually like hardy, but Lockett was always tops on my list as far as receiver goes.

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So are justin hardy's hands

Ba da chiing

In all due seriousness I like hardy, but man I really wanted Lockett. I hope Hardy thrives just as much.

They have similar resumes. Lots of receptions. Going just on how i felt b4 the draft i'd still have gone with hardy...but i did not at all like what i saw from him in the preseason.

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