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790 The Zone Is Gone


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I used to think the same about Dukes, but that Steak Shaprio dude wins the prize for most annoying over the top douchiness in the sports radio world. I used to listen to 680 specifically to stay away from that entire Mayham in the AM crapfest. Then all those guys got jobs at 680 after they were fired. Now I listen to 92.9 most of the time.

The only duo that was worth listening to on 790 was Arch and Bell. I can't believe Nick Cellini found work again. As for the rest of the 680 crew I only listen to Chuck and Chernoff. As a side note, as much as the employees of EACH station used to take shots at each other, I wonder if there are any awkward moments now that they're all stuck on the same station.

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