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How To Beat The Eagles?

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Key aspects:

1) Alford not causing costly penalties on 3rd down.

2) Jones will be bracketed, White and Hankerson have to win one-on-one's.

3) Offensive line will do well in 1st quarater, acceptable in 2nd quarter. Falcons has to score as many point as they can on 1st half. They will allow around 4 sacks in the second half for sure.

4) Short and quick passes will be much needed throughout the seaso.

5) Running game doesn't have to be anythong more than average and we will be fine. However, positve yards on early downs with an average of 3 yards will be more than great.

6) play more zone on defense. man-to-man will be exploited by cross routes and speedy runnign backs who will out-run our LBers.

7) focus on stopping the run early in the game, willie moore has to play more in the box, force bradford to throw, Dbs has to paly opportinsticly, we will give up some plays but bradford will throw a coupe of costly interceptions for sure.

My prediction:

- 2 sacks, with one FF.

- 2 INTs.

- allowing bradford to throw 280 - 310 yards with 3 2 TD, one for Sproles and the other for a TE.

- allowing 2 running TDs, a long one for Sproles on a draw. and another for murray inside the 10.

-Our offence will scores 3 TDs and 3 FGs. our TDs will come all from passing to Tamme, Hankerson and Jones.

- Matt Bryant will win us the game in the last drive.

- first half will end at 17-15 for the falcons.

- Eagles will be leading 28-27 with less than one minute left.

- Falcons will score a 40+ FG to win the game.


PS: I'm gonna attend the Cardinals vs Saints game.. I attended the 2010 game when arizona beat the saint 30-20. I'm looking for the same outcome today. 2010 oh MY!! Falcons going for 13-3. Histort won't repeat itslef but I'm hoping for a 10-6 and a run in the post season!!

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