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Just Called Into Espn Radio Xm With "blundberg" (Sp?)


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He asked callers to make his big bold predictions for the season, i said: (paraphrase)

"Last year the Atlanta Falcons were one win away from winning the division and many of us were excited we got the 8th pick and didnt embarrass ourselves in the playoffs while dropping down to the 25th pick. I believe The Atlanta Falcons will win the NFC South and make some noise in the playoffs this year. My reasoning is they are not too far removed from that almost superbowl trip and Dan Quinn. He has come in and made his mark on this team with new schemes and players. He has a reputation of putting players in position to play to their strengths and I believe under utilized players will play a lot better. And if the defense can improve a lot, that'll make it a lot easier on Matt Ryan, Julio Jones and crew and we already know they have the ability to be a top notch offense. I believe the Panthers had a horrid off-season losing their top playmaker and top defensive weapon without improving the OL enough. I am not a Cam Newton believer. I think they went backwards. The Buccaneers are a wreck and although they have lots of talent, i dont think they make it all work this year with a rookie QB. The Saints, Drew Brees is on his last legs, he loses his favorite target, they made a lot of poor cap decisions and they lose their defensive pass rush due to legal issues, those pass rushers are in a lot of trouble, one is gone and Cam Jordan may follow."

He said...

"You articulated your point wonderfully and made a good case. I think the NFC South was horrible last year and they could certainly win it this year. Although I disagree that Cam Newton isn't for real." And started defending Scam Newton...

Haha. Well I tried to get our positive buzz out. :) hoping I did us proud with the knowledge and reasoning why birds fans believe in the Falcons this year. Ha. Rise Up!

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