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Virtual Dled Dukes And Bell 92.9 The Game


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So much better than the 2 shows that come on ahead of them.

Why does Randy Cross, a 49er get a radio show?

Jamie Dukes is the most smug human being alive. Even when I agree with him, I freaking hate his guts, and it makes me want to reevaluate my opinion.

And who are the two lapdogs that are on the air with them?

It's hilarious, Rick will state an opinion, Jamie will disagree with him, then Rick will admit he's wrong and change his opinion. Marc is just an idiot.

Marc and Randy makes me miss the disaster that was Mayhem in the AM, where I had to listen to 3 Yankees whine about Southern Sports.

The saddest thing about it, is that 680 the fan is so bad, that I still listen to the garbage on 92.9 before 2pm. 680 has made me hate Brian Finneran.

Dukes and Bell is so much better than anything on Atlanta Radio,

Atlanta radio is terrible. /end rant

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I heard this live just as I was pulling into a Kroger parking lot on Labor Day. I was dying laughing and everyone passing by could see me. Embarrassing lol

Every day I'm driving by myself listening to them and I'm laughing hard most of the time. I always think people probably think I'm nuts.

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