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Bold Nfl Predictions: Week 1


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Make that BAD NFL Predictions...............

If anything, he has it backwards. The D will shine. The O, and particularly O-line, will have to bring their "A" game

Bradford Blows Out Falcons, Not Knee


Chip Kelly has this team exactly where he wants it and the Falcons' terrible defense will be the first domino to fall. Bradford will throw for over 300 yards and 2 TDs as DeMarco Murray scampers for over 100 yards and a score or two of his own. This offense is fast, dynamic and efficient. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones will have their moments, but this one won't be close


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I am excited for this game, but I honestly have no frickin clue how to call it. I wouldn't be surprised by any result because that is how little we know about this team. We do know for certain that you can only conclude two things about a team by looking at preseason: jack and squat.

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Hahaha!!! Who knows about this one?!?!?!? I can see us winning by 20, OR, losing by 20 --- we have NO IDEA what kind of team we have this year. I'm thinking we'll be pretty good --- maybe, 9 or 10 wins.

But in this game, it'll probably come down to who's strongest in the 4th quarter --- unfortunately, that hasn't been one of our strong points the last few years.

But hey, if we can keep it close, and ol' "Mo Mentum" gets on our side, I can see us winning this one!!!


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