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Falcons Game Day Fare (Food/recipes)


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put the ribs on at 1:30, I have the corn on the cob to put on at 5, the jalapenos are sliced, cleaned, stuffed and wrapped in bacon, and will go on the smoker at 6. Everything comes off at 7....

note to self, and as a public service announcement, when cleaning jalapenos, and your eye begins to itch, LET IT ITCH!!!! do not, I repeat DO NOT RUB IT with any of the fingers that have been used for cleaning the jalapenos..........

you're welcome. Took me twice as long to type this since I'm now one eyed......hope it gets to where I can open it by game time, laugh.pnglaugh.png

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Thanks G-Dawg for the picture tips. PITA but worth it. Had so many ask for this recipe I decided to just put it on paper. Not sure how these will do on a grill or smoker but the Big Green Egg makes them very crisp and moist. This coming from a Buffalo transplant that swore all wings needed to be deep fried.


One large Green Egg - warmed to 275º - 300º

45 or so wings – thawed

2 parts Obie’s Fajita Fabulosa seasoning (available on line)

1 part Lawry’s seasoned salt


Mix the seasonings together and liberally season the wings. Be sure to cover both sides but don’t season so heavy that it looks coated.


When the Egg is a steady 275º, add a single layer of wings and do another light dusting of the seasoning. Close the lid. There are 48 wings in the pic below.


After 7 or 8 minutes, rotate the grate but don’t flip the wings. In another 7- 8 minutes, flip the wings and do another light dusting of the seasoning.

Repeat this 15 minute cycle of rotate and flip until the wings are done but no more seasoning – usually about 1 hr 15 min. You’ll start to feel the wings are much firmer and almost bounce of the grate.

Almost always, some wings will not finish as quickly as the rest. Just grab the ones that are done and continue to cook the rest.

I don’t recommend adding wood chunks – too smoky. Rest and enjoy.



yeah that' Obi's dry rub (any variety) is well worth the cost and the wait for it.

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Guest Regular Guy

I love seeing that you guys are cooking some good grub! Here I thought that only a few of us over in ABF were cooking stuff. Rather than post anything, you can see what I've done here : http://boards.atlantafalcons.com/topic/3948931-the-food-recipe-and-restaurant-thread/

There are some good recipes in there and I've added more than my share of food porn I'd say tongue.png

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yeah you don't flip these, and yeah they are delish for sure

there's always the old steady brisket, if you have the time. This one I usually trim the fat down to about 1/4 inch, rub with oil and coat with Montreal steak seasoning for just a bit more flavor. on the smoker for usually 12-15 hours depending size. After the first 4 hours, loosely wrap for the remainder of the smoke unless you want a heavy 'bark' on the outside of the meat. Some don't wrap at all, but I've found wrapping holds in the juices better.

oh, for the record, for smoking I usually use apple wood for pork, pecan or hickory for beef and chicken, I do keep a good supply of cherry wood around and it doesn't hurt at all to mix


AAARRRGGGHHH you had me with this until you said trim the fat.The Fats the flavour hahahaha..

Papachaz I'm trying some of these game day treats you can believe that.

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AAARRRGGGHHH you had me with this until you said trim the fat.The Fats the flavour hahahaha..

Papachaz I'm trying some of these game day treats you can believe that.

I only trim the fat down, I don't take it off completely. I take it down to between 1/4" and 1/2" thick.

as for the other pics, that plate has ribs, corn beans and three slices of canteloupe out of my garden, and two bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers. Stuffed em with two kinds of cheese, mushrooms and bacon bits..... The bread was texas toast.....the great thing about cooking on a smoker, the leftovers are just as good the next day....

thanks sir! won't have time to cook this sunday before the game, not sure what I'll do for dinner

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yeah those are the front runners for sure, I personally prefer KC style myself

I don't mind these food programs Anthony Bourdain Man vs Food and so on.

I was impressed with a cat in Austin Texas who does Brisket wooza it looked off the chain.

KC seems to be the one for variety as they do the whole lot really well.

I'm loving anything wrapped in bacon and your jalapenos done like that will be getting cranked on my Weber this weekend.

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OK fella's BBQ is BBQ you guys are the KINGS at it.

If I want say Ribs Chicken Sausages Brisket Steak etc who is KING.



NORTH CAROLINA seem to be front runners am I wrong?

I make the NC-style pulled pork, and love it, but when I used to drive across Texas my aim was to stuff my face with as much of that delicious Texas-style BBQ brisket as possible!

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Guest Regular Guy

I am having some friends over for the Cowboys game and I'll be making a few BBQ items like this spread I made for the 4th. I wont be making any sausage from scratch to serve but I'll have pulled pork in its place. Baby backs and brisket, ABTs, Moinks, baked beans from scratch, potato salad and maybe some slaw. I also am making brunswick stew as well as my own sauces and homemade pickles. I seem to go overboard!


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