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The Wife's Finally Onboard!


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So over the last several years, football season at my house has been quite the point of contention. My wife and I just haven't seen eye to eye when it comes to Sundays. Maybe she thought I was spending too much time focused on the Birds, or on TATF. Maybe she's been jealous of how I choose to my use my free time. Either way, it looks like things are finally turning around.

Last night we had a breakthrough, and I wanted to share it with all of my Falcons brethren just in case I'm not the only one that has had to battle a spouse/significant other for the TV, or explain how "This game REALLY matters!". Anyway, I figured I should jot down our solution in hopes that it could help somebody else out. Maybe this idea isn't so new at all, and some of you have been doing it for years, but here's what I came up with:

For every opponent we play week to week, we will come up with a themed lunch/dinner that could represent that particular city. So for example: Monday night against the Eagles, we're making Philly Cheesesteaks. The following week against the Giants, we'll likely make NY Strips. And because we play the Saints, Bucs, and Panthers twice, that means we'll have Cajun themed food, seafood food, and BBQ all twice a year. Basically, I'll be running the grill, and she'll be planning/prepping everything else out.

You guys should've seen her face light up when I brought this whole idea up! She's actually looking forward to EVERY game now.. Seriously, she's pumped! She even looked up the schedule to figure out what we could cook, and has already started gathering recipes. I can't even believe it.. What a total game-changer! (pun intended) Really looking forward to this season for a variety of different reasons now.

And don't worry, I'm not only representing the other cities with my game day fare, I'll be mixing my drinks with Coke, and rocking the Sweetwaters as I mind the grill. Maybe we'll keep it all ATL when we make the playoffs.. who knows..

If anybody has any ideas for future games, I'd love to hear em..

Go Birds!

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Good idea. Get her involved and active so she's a part of spending time together on game day rather than left feeling like the game is more important to you than her and you don't wanna be bothered. Although I would suggest, when the games over and the dishes are dirty, unless you have a dishwasher then make sure and wash the dishes and clean everything up, other wise she might feel like you are just creating a big mess for her to clean up.

LOL, Tell her your the coach and she needs to do some pregame activity by herself representing game day. You could tell her that cleaning up the house and mowing the yard is all a part of game day, just tell her cleaning up the house represents how they get the locker room ready for the team, and mowing the grass represents how they get the field ready for the game.... Tell her washing the car is like getting the team bus ready. LOL.... Although I suggest if you do, make sure the dog house is clean, because if it isn't you'll have a ruff night sleeping out in the cold......Possibly consult the council of a good divorce lawyer just in case... Hey, you could always burn the food the first couple games, she'd wanna cook after that, then you could sit back and relax watching the pregame show while she sweats away in the kitchen getting the food and snacks ready...... And as for cleaning everything up after doing all that cooking, just tell her that's part of the ritual, that it represents cleaning up the stadium to get it ready for next week...... LOL, and if you run out of drinks, send her to the store, tell her it's part of running the concessions stand for the game..... LOL, Just kidding of course.....

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Guest King Jigsaw

It's too bad you're going to have to eat out of the trash can twice a year when the Saints come to town. unsure.png

Saints only come to town once a year though..

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