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Gurley Now Will Sit Till Week 4

Bring It

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Damaged goods because they wanna make sure their investment is 100%? Lame.

I don't understand the Gurley hate or how this is relevant to us?

Gurley is relevant to Falcons because D. Orlando Ledbetter and FFS1970 are on a crusade to make it (not drafting Gurley) relevant to the Falcons.

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I was beyond pissed at him for coming back for that game against auburn. shouldve looked out for his contract, now look at him. who knows with that injury. he could come back, or, it could already be over for him. the ONLY thing he did right was get that insurance policy while at georgia.

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Do we have to do a big "I told you so" thread every time Gurley has a set back or under-performs?

Will the same people make a thread saying "I was wrong" anytime Beasley does the same?

agreed. As a UGA fan, I always root for the former Bulldog players to do well in the NFL (except when playing my Falcons). I hope Gurley does become a star for the Rams (no natural rivalry w/ Falcons) - but I never wanted the Falcons to draft Gurley - I believe Tevin Coleman will do just fine for us and we need a difference maker screaming off the edge - and I believe Vic Beasley will deliver. Generally, investing a high pick in a RB is not the best use of a draft pick.

Also, generally RBs have shorter careers than other positions.

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Mr. Gurley will not play till at least week 4. IF THEN. Don't be surprised if this goes on and on during the 2015 season. Damaged goods. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000524457/article/rams-todd-gurley-not-expected-to-play-until-week-4

I was not one the ones who wanted to draft him, but I was also not under any impressions that he'd be ready to go week one. Dudes coming off knee surgery, so it'll be some time before he is back to his playing ability, not to mention football shape.

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