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Something Interesting I've Noticed About Quinn

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From listening to Quinn describe how he evaluates players, I am starting to get a feel for how he thinks.

He looks for very specific physical characteristics about *how* they perform a particular motion. It's almost like he is assessing various machine gears.

Of course, that mindset is always a part of sports scouting. But Quinn seems to put more weight on this and be more precise about it. And the specific characteristics vary depending on the role. So, for example, he's not looking at a list of 20 measurables (long jump, vertical, bench press, etc.).

It's almost like if you were to watch someone's golf swing in slow motion, and score people by the degree to which they twist their wrists.

Quinn seems to analyze each position on the field, figure out which characteristics help a player win a one-on-one battle in that position for Quinn's scheme, and then look for players who have those specific characteristics. He doesn't care as much whether they're proven or not ... he seems to be confident that, if they have the specific characteristics, he can make them succeed.

It was based on that kind of reasoning that Quinn thought Clayborn would do well inside -- and it's looking good so far. That's also why they like Bryce, as Quinn described in today's interview.

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