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Falcons Release Unofficial Depth Chart


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Interesting notes:

Stone is backing up both G positions, but not C (Gradkowski has that locked down)

Tevin Coleman is starting over Freeman

Beasley > Clayborn > Bierman at DE

Soliai > Babineaux (Jarrett backing up Hageman)

Schofield starting at SAM (almost certainly due to Reed's injury though)

Overall about how I'd have pegged it otherwise.

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Person starting at C worries me. I analyzed every snap of the first three drives against the Dolphins and he got beat far too often.

I imagine this will only be until Gradkowski is familiar with the playbook unless Person just comes in and does a good job which I don't think will happen. I really thought Stone had it though.

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It was Mitchell not Suh. Suh was lined up between Chester and Person.

Had it been Suh I would have given Stone the benefit of the doubt and I know MItchell is no slouch but you have to be able to block guys like that and Stone couldn't do it.

I guess Person is putting in a better show at practice because he seemed to struggle mightily at Center this preseason.

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Person as our starting center makes me vomit. The game that he started at center was by far the worst our Oline played. I am completely baffled with the coaches love for Persons. Heck how many times was there a problem with the snap to the QB? It was an issue during training camp and during games. I really doubt most of those were the QBs fault.

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