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Realistically, Is There Any Hope For A Falcon Win On Mnf Against The Eagles?


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Man, I'm feeling it yes, but the majority of the scamcastnators, say otherwise. There is a lot of reasons and motivational factors that should amp our boys up for an optimal performance, but man the national negativity is so constpational that the feeling to purge is quite binding. Man, I pray for a mammoth explosion of sorts all over philly come Monday...otherwise we will keep getting dumped on!

Go Falcons, go!!

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I'm just concerned about the Oline. I just don't think we can run the ball effectively, nor pass block when everyone knows its a pass.

The Eagles have a good front 7 so it will be tough. They are going to score some points too 24-30 I will say.

I'm hoping for a win but it will be tough. If the oline plays well, then sure.

Our schedule gets easier, if guys stay healthy, we will win some games late and hopefully take the division.

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The new OL needs to gel fast. The crowd needs to be there 110%. And we need our guys on defense to step up (Beasley, Clayborn, etc...).

Yup, urgh I'm too used to seeing snowbirds fill up the Dome & I'm reluctantly expecting alot of them from Philly there for MNF cheering on their Iggles. Iggles fans are the some of the worst.

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