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Falcons Have Lightest Offensive Line


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This is always interesting to me. Pittsburgh and Philly along with Seattle where very successful at running the ball last year. In fact so too where Denver and Baltimore. Basically it doesn't all come down to overall weight. That much should be obvious. We where after all arguably the worst rushing team in the league last year when we would've been at least a little heavier considering Blalock would bump us up that list at least a little bit singlehandedly. Lol. Regardless one thing I'm pretty sure of, is that at minimum, by the end of the season our running game will be trending upward. There's nowhere to go but up anyway, so that's not going out on too big of a limb.

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Me too. Even Blalock and VeeTek.


i miss that line as a whole in general, but i do think you overrate Svitech man. The guy was a solid blocker, but nobody ever accounts for the fact that our play calling and gameplans always involved giving him help. He was good, especially considering salary compared to Baker, but my goodness according to some of you guys he was a as beater taking names. Lol keep in mind, he did basically nothing after moving on. So while you like to use Svitech as yet another excuse to bash Dimitrov, you've got to include all of the other 31 teams for apparently making the same mistake. I could go on, but unfortunately I think it would be pointless. I'll leave it at that. Edited by Atlfanstckndenver
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