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On To Week 1 And The Eagles

Flyin' In DC

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Eagles got some shiny new toys at receiver like their 1st round pick Nelson agholobar(sp?). More importantly is the speed of their offense. They are constantly in a hurry up offense to keep the D on their heels. This can lead to trouble if you start to stall on offense, as your defense quickly tires and things spin out of control

Thankfully this year we are playing a simple scheme on D so they don't have to be *thinking* instead of going at it hard and playing ball. We should be able to create interior pressure and move Bradford off his game, and once you do that Bradford quickly deteriorates to a subpar QB.

Julio is going to give Maxwell a nice christening to being a #1 corner. Think this match up will get ugly. Final score 31-17 Falcons

EDIT Hawley released. 0 chemistry up front and 0 depth. Prediction changed, 30-17 Eagles


You think Hawley is worth a 27 point difference? Lol. Polamalu in his prime was about an 11 point difference. Same for Ray Lewis.

I got news for ya. If they beat us without Hawley, they were gonna beat us with him. You're just looking for an excuse cause you're not confident of your prediction

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The gap between us and the Eagles definitely isn't as wide as some would make it seem, if one exists at all.

The magic stat is 4.5 yards per carry. If we get that, we win. With our high power offense and special teams I think we jump out to an early lead, hopefully with a balanced run attack we can hold on

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