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Antone Smith Cut


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Bradford can take over his special teams role

Freeman and/or Coleman can do his job at RB ___new guy or Ward as the 1/2 down pounder

I've always been a big fan of Antone Smith and I hate this but I kinda saw it coming just hoped I was wrong

do you actually like ward, I dont really I miss snelling if you needed a yrd he would run through a wall to get it

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That tells me more than anything that nothing is sacred with this new regime. I'm good with that, but a little shocked.

Didn't mean to quote myself...but it is what it is.

And yet Kroy Biermann is still on the roster.

I knew we'd have to let someone good that brought value to the team go.

Watch the Saints scoop Smith up and turn him into the next Sproles.

If that happens we can comfort ourselves and say at least we still have Biermann and how he brings depth after he's out of position and gives up 1st down after 1st down...

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This is like the 2nd or 3rd time I've seen you say this. Is this some kind of inside joke?

KOG doesn't like Freeman. I disagree, but I get it too. But I don't think it's just dislike -- if you think about it, what is Coleman but a bigger, stronger, faster version of Freeman? Just like Freeman was a bigger, stronger, faster version of Quizz, and we see where Quizz is.

I don't think they're cutting Freeman this season. But if Coleman and Ward do well, he's expendable next season, and I'd expect them to draft another RB.

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