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Dimitroff Will Look For Oline Help


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Here is the link to the actual interview. It sounded more like GM speak to me. As a matter of fact he just said what DQ has been saying... that they are always looking for ways to improve.

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If he's not looking for oline help, he's a ******* idiot, this is one surely even DLed has right, but how much quality oline help is being left at the street at this point in the game? Have other teams passed on Jake Long so far besides the GIants, Broncos, and Falcons?

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It's getting kinda late to bring in an Olineman who's not familiar with ZBS. I kinda wish we would have kept the same system so the guys wouldn't look so lost out there. And it would have made FA alot easier to get decent all around, good linemen. Now we're in a learning curve and have to be picky about who we bring in so they fit with the scheme.

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We could have used our 7th on him.

Even though they were talking about sitting out and going into the next draft? Yea lol then we would be hearing "TD is an idiot. He should have known! They said he was going to sit out? Troff'd."

It's pure hindsight talking about drafting Collins. He wasn't cleared yet.

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