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2015 Final Predictions


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well alot has changed , but the more things change the more they stay the same, that being said, I see another tough yr for NFC South in 2015....This is a Very Hard Div to Call ATM

Things that have Changed
Tampa has a New QB, if he becomes a Franchise QB, well we will see...
Saints have a new look O, they are going more to a Run O
Falcons have a New HC, 2 new Schemes and a slew of new Players
Panthers, well they still have Cam

each team has big questions, and the Answers will be coming soon....or not

so here we go

Team Break Downs and predictions

1. Atlanta Falcons

Its a New Look Feel and Attitude, The D Looks Primed to breakout in 2015 under new HC D Quinn, A Lot of ppl say, oh he had Great Players in Sea and thats why he sported the NFLs #1 Unit for his 2 yrs as their DC, But Gus Bradley had the same guys, and never came close to posting DQs Numbers, and after watching this team in Preseason and just seeing DQs Demeanor, Its pretty Clear it was not just Great Players that led to those Insane D Stats, I Think we all can Agree , Falcons D is Much Better than what we have seen the last few yrs...

KS Comes in as New OC and Brings his ZBS and west coast approach to an Offense with a Lot of Talent at QB and WR, More Talent than he has ever had to work with Really, hes a proven guy that has Produced even in Places Like Cleveland and Washington ... In a Weak Div, Falcons can easily win it, but so can every other South Team .

Biggest Weakness
O Line

If they cant give M Ryan more than a 1/2 a sec to throw, the Talent wont Matter

Projected Record
9-7 Tied for 1st in NFC South

2. New Orleans Saints

Also a lot of Changes for Saints, But on the O Side, they pretty Much Gutted their whole Team in the Offseason, Cutting and Trading some of their Better Players, Names Like J Graham, P Thomas, K Stills, J Gallett and C Lofton, what they do have is a Good HC and a HOF QB, which may be enough to win this weak Div, It would help if their D could bounce Back from their 2014 Effort , But Instead , with Key Injuries to guys they were counting on, on a D that already lost 2 of their best Players in the Fire Sale... that will be a tall Order, Which IMO keeps this team from Being the Favs to win this Div, their Plan is to go more Ground and Pound and try to keep the D Off the Field, which totally Goes against everything SP has Built in his Time There, we will see if it pans Out, but pretty Clear this team is No Juggernaut that strikes Fear into the Other Sideline anymore, Still in this Div, all you have to be is Decent to win it....

Biggest Weakness
and not just on 1 level, they need Help in every Layer of the Unit....esp Front 7

Projected Record
9-7 tied for 1st in South

IMO last game of the yr will decide Div Winner Between Falcons and Saints

3. Carolina Panthers
this team has not Changed Much from Last yr, But the Loss of KB will hurt them, a lot...even with KB last yr the Div came down to beating a 6-10 team to win it...atm they still look to have Souths Best D, but that could Change Fast with Falcons Showing Signs of Vast Improvement, I Know they all Love Cam, but he is not even close to a Franchise QB, he is Basically a Big RB Under Center, His accuracy is among the worst of any NFL Starting QB, and without a WR Like KB making Circus Catches for him on his bad throws, it is very unlikely Panthers can 3 peat for the Div, and now with M Smith Gone, Panthers Have the worst HC in a Bad Div, Bad HC, Bad QB usually dont end well in the NFL , no matter how good your D is, and their D is Not Great, esp in the secondary.....

Biggest Weakness
Passing Game
Inaccurate QB and Practice Squad Type WRs = Losing yr IMO

Projected Record
6-10 tied for 3rd in South

4. Tampa Bay Bucs

It has been so long since Bucs were Good, 2002 seems like it never even Happened, This is a team with a lot of Talent, D Martin, M Evans, V Jackson, G McCoy, L David... those are very very good Players, and they have a Rookie QB who has shown Flashes of a Franchise QB even behind a very weak O Line, They Have a Proven HC and in the worst Div in Football, this team is in the Mix IMO.....

Biggest Weakness
Tie O Line and Secondary
and in a Div with D Brees and M Ryan and with the pass rush potential of Panthers and Falcons , thats not good, even in this weak div....

Projected Record
6-10 tied for 3rd in South

Bottom Line
all 4 teams can win this div

but when in doubt
go with the teams with Proven Franchise QBs, and thats why i Have Falcons and Saints 3 games better than Panthers and Bucs....


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Oline isn't good enough for 10 wins... I'm going 8-8. Tampa might get 4 wins, panthers between 6-8. Havent seen enough of the saints to make a call there.

O Line does look bad

But I gave um 9 wins

6 games vs South, Titans, Jags, Skins , 49ers,Texans, Giants

we should be able to pull 9 wins out of that weak sauce

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1-Steelers 2-Bengals 3-Ravens 4-Browns


1-Colts 2-Texans 3-Titans 4-Jaguars


1-Patriots 2-Dolphins 3-Bills 4-Jets


1-Chargers 2-Broncos 3-Chiefs 4-Raiders


1-Lions 2-Packers 3-Bears 4-Vikings


1-Falcons 2-Saints 3-Panthers 4-Bucs


1-Cowboys 2-Eagles 3-Giants 4-Redskins


1-Cardinals 2-Seahawks 3-49ers 4-Rams

I think that with Dan Quinn the Falcons defense will be better, and that the zone blocking scheme should help make the Falcons running game better, that balance should make their offense better by helping with down and distance and a better defense should help a lot.

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I have serious concerns about our defense, no K-Lew for the first 6 weeks of the season, a banged up Browner, and a awol Byrd. The pass rush doesn't appear to have taken a leap forward which is essential, so those weaknesses in the secondary are even more substantial. It was only preseason but i'm not very enthusiastic about 2015's defense. Offensively i'm a little less worried, Brees was apparently playing with a critical injury last season which caused flaws in his mechanics. Now that he's fixed that and the line should be better than 2014's, I think he'll be fine throwing the football, my only concern is the targets he'll be throwing to. Cooks is due for a monster season but who else is there? Coleman has the potential but he's still a bit of an enigma until he proves it when it counts. Honest opinion on how the season will play out...

1. Falcons- 10-6

Idk why but i'm expecting the defense to rebound and do a stellar job at complimenting what I expect to be an elite offense, not saying the D will be top 10 or even 15 but I think they'll do enough to keep leads. Huge year for JJ and a balanced attack on offense should be enough for the Falcons to win the division and cruise through the easiest schedule in the NFL.

2. Panthers- 7-9

STILL no weapons around Cam, had KB been healthy my pick for division winner would be different, but I don't think Funchess will be enough to make up for KB's projected production. Expecting a monster year from Olson though, which is perfect considering he's my fantasy TE.

3. Saints- 6-10

I explained most of my reasoning behind this prediction but by no means would I be surprised if this team finished 10-6 and won the division. Breaux is unproven but has the ability imo to atleast step up and not get torched down in and down out. Only way we win the south though is if our offense returns to form and starts averaging 28 or more points per game.

4. Bucs- 5-11

Lots of talent on this squad but i'm sorry, I have zero faith in Jameis. I think he'll flash a few times this season but he's a TO machine, not to mention OL is horrendous and will offer him no protection. Maybe in year 2 or 3 he'll fair better but as of right now, i'm predicting one **** of a learning curve for the #1 pick.

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I still think we have another down year in the South. Im not expecting much from the Falcons. To many new pieces. Im not even sure who our oline is again. Half of them are still getting cut.

The Falcons and Bucs fight for the bottom of the south and i think the Saints take the South this year. Panthers will be around to stress the Saints fans. But Cam will choke. Saints are the most stable choice and most disciplined option.

I dont think the Saints will have the greatest year ever. But they will do good enough to win the funky South. Eliminated in the second round of playoffs unless they face a seahawks at home. That is their kryptonite..

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