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If Matt Cassel Gets Cut By The Bills.....

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Easily, he is way better that what we have now. The guy is a perfect backup.

Only guys I like more that were possibly fighting for a spot was Colt McCoy, Matt Moore and Case Keenum. Looks like all of them are going to be their teams main backups. Matt Simms would be good too if they keep Cassel.

I like some young guys also, like Kellen Moore, Aaron Murray, Logan Thomas/Phillip Sims, Stephen Morris, Landry Jones and Alex Tanney. Maybe also Jameil Showers (for practice squad)

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I'd much rather try to work with Renfree and develop him as a back up than bring in someone like Cassel.

he can develop as the 3rd string in practice just like the 2nd string would...that makes no sense. and if you mean if Ryan gets hurt, then were losing anyways, so mine as well at least have a chance with Cassel. Renfree is auto loss every game.

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Call me when T.J. Yates has a season with 27 TD's and just 7 INT's and leads a team to the playoffs while doing it.

Yates did lead a team to the playoffs, to be fair.

As far as Cassel goes, he's too far behind the curve at this point. He wouldn't be better than Renfree or Rex for a long while because he'd just still be learning the scheme. We're stuck with who we have at this point.

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