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Good Trade Or No?


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Heya folks just thought I would ask some fantasy advice...

The trade is...

Julio Jones (me)


Keenan Allen

Julius Thomas

Doug Martin

Currently my team looks like this

QB: R.Tannehill

WR: Dez Bryant, Julio Jones, Golden Tate, Victor Cruz, Marques Colston, Leonard Hankerson

RB: Lavatius Murrey, Carlos Hyde, Joique Bell, Devonte Freeman, Ronnie HIllman

TE: Jimmy Graham

I'm kind of leaning towards no on this but I also don't think its bad value. So could use some outside thoughts. Thanks :) Freeman and Hankerson were gotten near the last rounds. I couldn't help myself lol

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are you playing with like 8 people because if you aren't your a magician. I would say your good in all positions so their would be no reason to rush for a trade I personally think doug martin is a scrub and J thomas just got injured-and will be out 4 weeks so this looks one looks like a no-brianer to me. Julio is a weekly top 10-15 play so if your not getting anything good in return i wouldn't recommend trading him.

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The thing is that you should consider in a lopsided trade( in terms of number of players) is the value of the players you have to cut and the value of having those spots in the future. Those spots could be used to hold on to players who have the potential to break out or someone showing flashes.

Other than Keenan Allen, those other two are going to be sitting on your bench. Julius Thomas is injured and going to miss time, plus Jimmy Graham is clearly superior to him. Doug Martin could be terrible like usual or he could be good. He is a huge boom or bust player. At his current unknown status, I would rank Murray, Hyde, AND Bell over him.

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