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Konz Is Gone. Injury Settlement


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The Atlanta Falcons today announced that they have reached an injury settlement with guard Peter Konzicon-article-link.gif.

Konz, 6-5, 317 pounds was selected by the Falcons in the second round (55th overall) in the 2012 NFL Draft out of Wisconsin. In three seasons with the Falcons, he has played in 39 games while making 28 starts. Konz has seen action at both guard and center during his career.

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Same guy still making the picks. ph34r.png

Nobody is going to hit home-runs at every at bat. It's been noted that drafting at the Oline position has been a crap-shoot for years now. See the Pete Prisco article from this week.


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He was a huge whiff. It's tough when a 2nd rounder doesn't even come close to panning out.

When Konz was carted off last year it stuck with me that he didn't seem upset at all. I told the fan I was watching the game with "He almost looks relieved."

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