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Fox Nfl Tv Announcers

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Am I the only one who thinks that Phil Simms complains way too much When he announces games for CBS?

He isn't awful at commentating, but he ruins everything insightful that he says during games when he follows it up with his complaining and talking about his "pet-peeves".

It annoys the heII out of me when watching games on CBS.

Yep. Can't stand listening to him about it. Same reason Joe Simpson annoys me on the Braves games. Always crying about something.

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Bellick may be a good announcer, lots of insight, but if you've heard him recently....no love for the Falcons at all anymore, now that his brother-in-law has been ousted.

My favs are Mayock, Gruden, Davis and Balldinger.

Bellick is honest and I like and respect that. He's not just a straight hater of the Falcons like others.

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