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Jake Long

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Is still a FA. I guess his workout not only didn't impress the Falcons, but he failed to impress any other team. I felt like him leaving FB without an offer was more likely money related, yet he is still unemployed. Seems like he would be an upgrade to our O line. But maybe not. Did anyone hear definitively why the Falcons passed on him?

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Ouch! Hoping he is wrong about that.

Yea truth hurts, even though I think we are a contender.

To me contender means playoff hopeful or bound and anything can happen there.

Maybe he has the same meaning and didn't think we were there, maybe he has a different meaning, or maybe he was never an option but believes we are contenders.

Our last 2 years just doesn't scream contender to everybody though. Lol

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youre new so your post holds no value here. Jake Long is better than we got right now. It cant hurt to sign him.

define new as.shole

you have no idea whether this is his first account or not, as some posters tend to come and go with new screennames over the years

Your account aint that old by comparison to some others here as well

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There's obviously more going on with Long than many here are willing to admit, and I'd prefer to avoid desperation signings.

Sign him if he's the right choice, not b/c the fans are freaking out.

Agreed. At this point I think we're all freaking out a little, and Long looks like the best "name" available in FA.

I have to think we will be adding help at OT over the next couple of weeks, though. Especially with Polumbus nicked up and no word on when Holmes will he back.

Matthews, Asamoah, Hawley, Chester, Schraeder as the starters

Stone and Person as backups, with two new players as added depth/competition (cut Polumbus, Holmes on PUP)

Rodgers and Replogle on the PS

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I'd like Long, but Tackle isn't as big of an issue as Guard and Center.

I'd love to steal Alex Mack from Cleveland, and grab Andy Levitre if the Titans cut bait.

I'll gladly take all 3, but that's impossible.

Browns love Mack. We would have to offer a lot.

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