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Breakdown Of Most 1St Quarter Plays Vs Dolphins

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UPDATE: Checked to see if it was Dolphin 2nd stringers destroying our O line. Relieved to find that at least 2 of their starting D linemen were still out there late in the 1st quarter (Earl Mitchell and Oliver Vernon).

Got my OCD hat on tonight I guess. Here's a breakdown of most of the 1st quarter plays vs the Dolphins.

1st qtr

14:19 -- they ran at beasley for 9 yards and 1st down. No one protected the end. Beasley penetrated too much to turn the play inside -- dunno if that was the playcall or a mistake on his part. Worrilow could not get off his block in time.

12:56 -- nice tackle ricardo allen on 3rd down

12:14 Falcons 1st offensive play. Chester, Stone and Tamme all got beat. Stone got beat the worst and his guy made tackle for loss.

11:15 -- Stone gets beat bad, his guy sacks Ryan. Jake Matthews did good job. Schraeder got pushed way back, but he held up just enough.

10:27 -- dolphins after punt. No pressure from us. quick pass, 8 or 9 yards.

10:00 -- Brooks Reed and Kamal Ishmael blocked out of the play. Screen or short dump pass, nice gain.

They seem to be able to complete quick short passes at will. Not trying to run against us too much.

8:57 -- Dolphins run. Kroy Bierman is the end, and gets completely blocked out of play. Kemal Ishmael somehow makes a realy bad read and runs the wrong way. Phillip Adams at corner can't get off his block. The Dolphins gain 18 -- BUT, Justin Durant made a great play. He almost made the tackle for short gain, and turns out he was chop blocked. So, 15 yard penalty vs Dolphins.

Side note: Coy keeps calling Durant "Kevin".

8:27 -- Dolphin pass. No pressure. Incomplete to Landry. Alford was there with pretty tight coverage, but Landry should have cuaght it.

8:20 -- Dolphins, 3rd and 20. They try a long pass. Decent pressure from Schofield and Maliciah Goodman. They don't actually get close enough to touch the qb, but at least their presence was felt. Looks to me like Tannehill's target was open, but he threw it too high (hard rain just started). He was probably open because we were in 3rd-and-20 coverage.

8:14 -- Dolphins blow the snap on the punt. Beasley sacks the punter.

8:10 -- Falcons ball, Terron Ward in at rb, not Coleman. I want to see the antelope! Ryan has time to throw, hits Hester, and Hester's magic makes good yards after contact. Hester looks good. 13 yard gain.

7:28 -- pass play, good protection, Ryan hits Hester AGAIN. 9 yard gain. Even still, Person got beat by his man late, and that man was still able to get a legal hit on Ryan after the pass was thrown. Perfectly placed ball by Ryan in traffic and under pressure.

6:58 -- handoff Coleman. A little hole, enough for 1st down (needed 1). Dimarco did good job of shooting through the hole and finding someone downfield to pop.

6:21 -- 2nd down and 10. Stone practically picked up and carried like a toddler 4 yards into the backfield. Ward takes handoff and runs into Stone. Person actually handled his guy fairly well. Matthews gets downfield and blocks well.

5:48 -- 3rd and 17. Ryan makes his second really bad pass. Either miscommunication between him and Hankerson or the rain is messing Ryan up. Looks like maybe Hankerson was supposed to come back, but instead he cut right. Hankerson gestures as if he messed up. Pretty good protection on the play, at least long enough to throw it.

5:35 -- kickoff after our fieldgoal. Allen Bradford makes the tackle again. They get past the 20 for second time, so our coverage not looking as good as last week.

4:28 -- 3rd and 1 for Dolphins. Run play around right end. Beasley does decent job staying stout. Worrilow makes awesome play, knifing through to make tackle for loss. Excellent stop on 3rd and short.

3:41 -- Falcons 1st and 10 at 10 (Hester slipped and fell on punt return in rain). Announcer says Miami has gone to mostly 2nd stringers on defense. (UPDATE: They weren't all 2nd stringers. Dolphin #50 and #90 are Earl Mitchell and Oliver Vernon, both starters who wreaked havoc several times after this play). Ryan has PLENTY of time to throw, hits Hankerson wide open for 28 yard gain.

3:03 -- 1st down. Pitch to Coleman. Schreader's guy gets off the block and knocks the shitt out of Coleman. Pops him backwards, but Coleman keeps his feet, turns around and makes a 6 yard gain. Nice play by the rook.

2:24 -- 2nd and 4 Falcons. Schraeder completely whiffs on his block. Hankerson, on the side next to Schraeder, looks like he simply decided blocking was a bad business decision. Therefore, those 2 defenders smash Coleman almost as soon as Matt hands him the ball. On the other side of the line, Hester did a terrible job of trying to block one guy, and Stone only held his guy up for about 2 seconds. Person and Chester got their jobs done. Koy said this was all communication and they you could get a man hurt like that.

1:47 -- 3rd and 9. Awful play. Pass. Dolphin # 90 blows right past Stone, touches Ryan. Dolphin # 50 throws Jake Matthews around and gets heat on Ryan. Terron Ward did a good job of blocking someone. Chester gets bulldozed all the way back into Ryan. Schreader's guy beats him with speed around the edge, but Schreader barely keeps him off Ryan. The entire Dolphin roster sacks Ryan. Stone gets called for holding, but it didn't help him stop his guy any more than the fake crowd noise helped our defense last year. I hope to god these aren't the Dolphin 2nd stringers (UPDATE: thankfully at least several of the Dolphins were starters at this point).

1:10 -- Falcons punt. Bradford AGAIN with the tackle. Keith Armstrong might say this guy is good enough to be an azzhole!

1:04 -- Dolphins 1st and 10. Pass play. There's actually a little bit of pressure (not enough to get Tannehill off the spot). Beasley, Clayborn and Babs all get some heat. Schofield not so much. Pass over the middle to Landry. Looks like Justin Durant beat on the coverage, but maybe someone else was supposed to be there. Landry uses his shiftiness to make several Falcons miss. Ricardo Allen whiffs twice but slowed him enough for Charles Godfrey to make the tackle.

Coy said it was 4 vertical routes thrown at the defense, the toughest play call for the coverage we had called. Gain of 46 yards.

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