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All I can say is at least stone is out there playing a position he never has before, he might have gotten beaten but he had the balls to be out there. Hawley has been fine all week to play with no injury report and he decided to not play because he was scared. Hawley was scared to fail vs the Dolphins d line . Instead of him proving himself and playing through this soreness, he cowardly took the night off and let person and the o line fend for them self. Matt Ryan earned respect because how tough he was when he got knocked down. Farve and other great players were remembered for how they played the game even when they were banged up . Don't even try to bring Julio in this because Hawley is no where near the talent Julio is.

I have torn my acl and played high school basketball . I tore my acl , recovered for almost a year but when I came back , I never felt comfortable and when it came time for me to practice or play, I didn't because I was scared. I could of played but I was scared and didn't want it bad enough. Same with Hawley , he doesn't want it bad enough . This is his retirement package so he can have a long life with mike Johnson. Make his money and get out of it.

You don't know jack....

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I am sure every center in the league is dieing to snap to tj Yates. Much better than snapping to Matt Ryan . Hawley is a top 10 paid player for the Falcons this year at 4 million. Julio was just signed, time to make some cap room

Except they'll still have over 10 million in cap space after the Julio signing. Hawley accounts for 2.8% of the cap which is hardly a factor. Again, you don't know jack...

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