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My Psl Experience


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I went through the PSL experience earlier today. It was on a Saturday morning so there were a number of people (all in Falcons shirts and hats). Let me say that I was here in 1965 (as a kid) and sat through the entire up and down experience of the Falcons. The excitement of today was great to see.I am currently in 349 row 2 which is the 30 yard line. My rep was busy so another gentleman too us through the process. We saw the stadium model and its orientation to everything. We then went to the interactive electric board which allowed easy access to everything that went with the stadium. I was offered 341, row 3. This is somewhere between the 20-25 yard line. The interactive board is a bit difficult to line up where your seat is located with respect to the yard line. Remember, the numbering of aisles in the new place aren't the same as the Ga. Dome. The upper level now has ADA handicap seating which takes up 10 seats in rows 1-3 in the middle of the upper deck.So I am slightly closer to the 25 yard line and in the 3rd row meaning there are no steps to climb. I took the deal which was $2000 per seat. They have a couple of payment plans which run for up to 10 years. My guess is my tickets are in a great area for resale. Here are a few other odds and ends............

1. The part of the new stadium nearest to the Ga. Dome is the visitors side and the seats face south. The opposite side is the home side and face north.

2. The decision of whether the dome will be opened or closed is a game day decision.

3. After all level 3 seats are assigned, current season ticket holders will have a choice to relocate to other seats if they accept their current seats first. They merely tell the rep and their name will be added to a list. They will be offered other seats (if available) and assigned based on seniority. This will happen in October.

4. The sun should not be an issue to the upper deck but, to be honest, that is a hard call. I think there is a chance it may reach a small area but that is just a guess.

5. The window wall with the 3 catwalks at the east end will be very impressive.

6. If you do your homework and make a list of question before you get there, things will move quickly. Maybe 20 -30 minutes.

7. The stadium seats in the presentation room (not the front lobby) are the actual seats they will use. Seats seemed larger than the ones in the Georgia Dome.

8. The entrance plaza will begin at the current GATE D where the Ga. Dome is and wrap around the north end zone of the new stadium. This is where all fans will enter.

I tried to make everything accurate. You'll need to check with your representative for final word. I am excited about this new building. The PSL contract is 20 pages but everyone gets the same one... there are no changes.

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