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Porsche Vs Benz

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just wondering.....Porsche built their biggest state of the art head quarters outside Germany in Atlanta.

we are about to build one of the most expensive NFL stadiums in nation.

Why Porsche was picked as a partner? over Benz....especially, since Benz had partnered with NOLA on superdome.

Just curious.....your thoughts mate?

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Porsche is really just a division of Volkswagen. I doubt VW would have given Porsche the ability to name a stadium at the cost that Daimler Benz would.

Not to mention, Daimler is trying to repair it's reputation after the Chrysler Merger Debacle.

That said, Porsche would have been an awesome sponsor.

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if that happened, would it have made u suddenly spend money on a Porche? Its a unique type of car. Its not a brand that needs to waste money on stupid advertising, unlike Mercedes who is in direct competition with Audi, BMW and a lot of american cars for the same market.

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