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Happy Birthday Jay Oz One!

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Thanks, y'all. Blessed to have another day and really blessed to have another year. If anybody wants to gift me $110 so I can get my license tags renewed tomorrow, just PM me so I can give you the PO box number.

LOL!!! I would if I could bro...lol. I was getting ready to hit you up on the birthday cash you got.

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Happy Birthday man, hope that your day has been great!

I don't always post in the birthday threads, but props to KoG for making them; and happy birthday to all of my fellow Falcon brothers and sisters (even if I don't specifically comment in your dedicated thread)!


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Well, I'm taking back one of 2,514 "likes" that I owe you since you became the Man, no longer able to get them. But I'm probably going to owe you another one before the night is up...

Man, I am in the mood for serious football talk. No nonsense real deal football talk.

TTYL guys, gonna go talk to wife now. ;)

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