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Julio Talks About Trick Montalban

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Julio Jones talks about being 'Trick Montalban' for Madden release clip



Vaughn McClure, ESPN Staff Writer

It's pretty well known by now that Atlanta Falcons receiver Julio Jones was one of the featured characters in a trailer for the new "Madden NFL 16" video. You can see the clip below:

Jones appears as "Trick Montalban," with his high-top fade and old-school overalls. The usually quiet Jones even drops a few lines, so it isn't just a cameo. He spent two days in Los Angeles for the shoot, which also included Rob "Half Top" Gronkowski of the Patriots, Antonio "Sticky Bun" Brown of the Steelers, coach Rex "Little Pepper" Ryan of the Bills, and Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers as Al Pacino.

"Gronk, Kaepernick, Antonio Brown, all those guys are great guys," Jones said. "We had a good time working with Dave Franco and Christopher Mintz. Those guys did a phenomenal job with us. They're real actors. We just kind of connect a little bit."

So how did the crew come up with Jones' character name?

"I don't know," he said. "It doesn't matter to me. I was just getting into the character. I could have been 'Beetlejuice.' I was just trying to get into the character and play the role."

As EA Sports explained, Trick Montalban is a play off the late Ricardo Montalban, a popular Mexican actor who was best known for his role as Mr. Roarke on the series, "Fantasy Island." EA Sports changed "Rick" to "Trick" to create Jones' character.

"Madden NFL 16" was released on Tuesday. Jones was given a 94 overall rating and 97 spectacular catch rating. He is the highest-rated overall player on the Falcons.

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Julio definitely got the best persona out of the Madden characters.

I dunno, Rob "Half Top" Gronkowski and Colin "Pacino" Kapernick is pretty **** awesome too. Julio "Trick" Jones is funnier than sh1t though and he made the character by far the funniest. It's a toss up by him and Gronk for me tho.

I'll be honest...it's the 1st commercial related thing Kaep has done with his shirt on so I was sold lol. Not even a Madden guy either

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