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Such A Waste Of Life. I Hope They Set Up A Momerial To The Work In The Stadium.


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Another new NFL stadium has reportedly become the site of a death of a construction worker, after an incident at the Vikings new stadium.

According to the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, construction workers said one person was killed and another injured. The Minneapolis Fire Department said they rescued one worker from a crevice on the roof of the building.

John Wood, the senior vice president of Mortensen Construction, said the workers fell this morning “while performing roofing work on the north side of the building.”

He also said work on the stadium has stopped.

Two construction workers died during the building of Levi’s Stadium, and a worker at the Falcons’ new stadium “suffered a severe head injury” during a scaffolding accident there earlier this year.

I hope they set up a memorial to the work in the stadium dedicated to the worker.

**** i screwed the title all up on this thread. I need to focus on doing just 1 thing.

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