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My First Half Takeaways


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1. matt ryan is impressive

2. mooney looked legit out there

3. hester is the man

4. Paul making me eat my words and covering great

5. babs beasly and clayborn omg are great

6. brooks reed looked great in first action

7. hankerson continues to impress

8. o line still giving great pass protection to matt

9. collins is actually looking better

10 alford looking great against marshall and that was not pass interference

things im worried about.

1. two games and not one complete pass to tamme


3. why have I not seen a fb in the game no mooney or dimarco

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Agree with everything except.. 9.

Collins... well, doesn't look like a 2nd rd draft pick yet.

If Tru, Alf. or Adams goes down.... we are screwed! Southward's going to get cut. Maybe PS... Collins looks lost.... White was getting used. ph34r.pngph34r.pngph34r.png

Great. Let em continue to get used by starters. They need it.
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