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Yea my pc is a steamy pile. I'll wait till midnight and watch it on my tv.

Thank you though. My only concern is do i want to keep up with it here, or wait and let it be fresh

It's stupid isn't it? I mean, Falcons play at home and they show it, they play away where very little if any fans will travel to see the game and they don't show it.

Ridiculous. I'm like you, I'll wait until I can see the replay. Very poor marketing on the Falcons side of things where the home field crowd goes.

Fox has really went down hill lately. Kinda starting to remind me of MTV, but not as of yet that bad. Close though.

Either way, it's like all sports, if I can't keep up with them by watching them when I can't be there then what reason do I have to watch to begin with ya know.

And this is pre-season, the prep for getting to know the players. Really ridiculous that ALL PRE-SEASON games per region aren't for at the very least marketing purposes shown locally to fans....

Just my opinion..........

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