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Mercedes-Benz Acquires Naming Rights To New Atlanta Falcons Stadium

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FTC will block this name.

[Due to Saints fan stupidity] Allowing both stadiums to be named Mecedes-Benz field is likely to create consumer confusion as to the location of NFL games between the Saints and Falcons. Saints fans will mistakenly buy plane tickets and hotels in Atlanta for a game at "Mercedes - Benz stadium" that will be held in New Orleans, resulting in economic harm to consumers.

If you don't realize this is purple you are in the eligible class of consumers likely to be affected and may join the FTC intervention.

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From the Atlanta Business Chronicle http://www.bizjournals.com/atlanta/news/2015/08/21/mercedes-benz-acquires-naming-rights-to-falcons.html

I wonder...will Mercedes-Benz maintain the naming rights to the Superdome in New Orleans?

I wonder if Mercedes will only sell Mercedes cars in Atlanta??

Stupid question met with a stupid answer..............

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Wasn't a stupid question. I asked it in the context of whether the Superdome naming rights were about to expire or something.

The contract with the superdome doesnt expire until around 2021. Marketing doesnt mean you HAVE to limit yourself to..................

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