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Most Underrated Falcon Of All Time.


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I did this thread about a month ago and mentioned a ton of players. Lester Archambeau was my top pick. A double digit sack artist on that Super Bowl team who led the defense, but most people only remember Chuck Smith.

Wow. That's a great one. I remember him being on that team but almost totally forgot about him. Bob Christian was another one.
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Even though he is highly regarded, I'm going to say Steve Bartkowski. Because I don't think people who weren't around or watching football when he played appreciate how good he really was.

Put him on that 1998 team and we'd have won a Super Bowl. And probably another shortly after.

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I love you JDaveG, but there isn't a Falcons quarterback you could have inserted into that 98 team that would have outperformed Chandler. He was lights out. The only Falcons QB with a 100+ QB rating for an entire season, and was 15-1 as a starter that year going into the Super Bowl. His game against Minnesota was one of the greatest postseason performances in Falcons history. He was damned near flawless, and one little mistake would have cost us the game.

Chandler also produced an utterly eye-popping yards per pass, averaging in incredible 9.65 yards every time he attempted a pass. It was the highest average by any quarterback in 42 years (min. 150 attempts). Chandler’s mark has been surpassed only once since, by Kurt Warner in 2000 (9.88 YPA). You take away Chris Chandler, and you take away our NFC Championship. He was the most important part of our success that year. Even more so than the great Jamal Anderson.

Give Bartkowski Jamal, Tony, Mathis and that o-line and see what happens. He had an arm Chandler could only dream of, and would have been ridiculous in that offense.

I'm taking nothing away from Chandler. He had a fantastic season. But Bart was on another level.

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