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Afmb Fantasy League


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I am starting a 10 Team PPR league 6pts reciving touchdown league. All other scoring is normal. NO QUITTERS. League will be on ESPN. All interested reply to this thread with a good email for invite. I will send invites as soon as I get 10 members. Thanks!

Aren't TDs usually 6 points? Do you mean 6 points for passing TDs? Just want a little clarification. But I am down if a spot is still available. I will shoot you a DM with my email

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You guys can join my public league with me and my brother if you want. Every one should like the name of the league. tongue.png

Typically I like to keep some spots open to the public to reel the Saints fans in. Last year one joined with a similar name and I stomped him...lol

Draft is Friday the 5th at 9

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