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Is Eli Worth It?


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Report: Eli Manning looking for deal similar to Rivers, Roethlisberger

The suddenly public negotiations between the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning started with someone leaking the notion that Manning wants to be the highest-paid player in the game, an obvious effort to make him look greedy or delusional. Now, someone has leaked that Eli simply wants to keep pace with the other quarterbacks taken 11 years ago in the first round of the draft.

Via Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News reports that the “real benchmark” for Manning is the contracts recently signed by Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers, deals that are worth in the neighborhood of $21 million per year in new money.

For Eli, that would translate to something like a four-year extension worth $84 million, and a five-year total package of $101 million, given the $17 million he’s due to earn in 2015.

Taking $21 million per year would represent a significant concession from Manning, who’d get at least $23.7 million in 2016 under the franchise tag and then at least $28.44 million under the franchise tag in 2017 — a total of more than $52 million and a two-year average of $26 million. Including this year’s salary, that’s $69.14 million over three years, an average of $23 million.

If Eli is willing to carry the injury risk (and given his career earnings why wouldn’t he be?) for 2015 and 2016, that’s what he’ll make over the next three seasons — unless the Giants let him walk away for a team that has a much better supporting cast.

On that note, it’s fair to say the Giants don’t have a very good supporting cast. Sure, they have Victor Cruz and Odell Beckham. Beyond that, what do they really have in the backfield, at tight end, at offensive line, and on defense?

As noted last night, the Giants rank 28th in cash spending over the last four years. The depth chart is starting to show that, and at some point it’s hard not to wonder whether Eli thinks that he’d fare better in the looming twilight of his career in a place like Buffalo, Houston, or even Cleveland, where a franchise quarterback could go a long way toward turning a team into a perennial contender.

Id say NO.

Id let Eli walk. Its hard enough to make the playoffs even harder to make the SB under current rules.

Id rather go young and sign someone on the cheap. Take my chances.

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Eli fired back about his agent was not looking to make him the highest player. But using the franchise tag amount as the guide of what to ask for.

But Eli has Condon so you know he wants to get paid. Trying to ask for a 23.7 mill figure is absurd. Even if it is based on a franchise tag amount.

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Condone is gonna get Eli cut if he doesn't chill on that. Sounds like he expects a long term deal. At some point these prices gotta start going down for QB`s.

Its killing teams. Even in Madden its hard to sign players if your QB costs 25 mill.

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