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Renfree Takes Over 2Nd Qb Job In Monday Practice


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I don't think you kids are going to like what you see at week 2 pre season game of renfree if he plays number 2. Of course he'll be better then Yates. But it's not going to be what we really need as a #2 going into the season.

Seriously just sign Palmer, flynn, etc type guy.

hmmm don't see any of this, renfree played very good last Friday, you don't think it's possible he's improved?
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my mind cant even process what this means. so renfree outperformed yates in game situations, and it's being reported that he's moving up the depth chart? you mean they can do that?

i thought the depth chart was built on contract size, age, and best personality. atleast that's how it's been right?

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